Who I follow and sites I frequent

Moving into 2013 I wanted to share who in 2012 I’ve been following and what sites have been huge in my development as a web person.  No particular order in these.

  • CSStricks.com and Chris Coyier – Chris has so much awesome info on his site it’s one of my go to places for a frontend type issue.  He raised an impression amount of money with his kickstarter project and has created an awesome set of videos demonstrating his workflow for creating a wordpress site.
  • Railscasts.com – I’ve followed Ryan Bates site for quite a long time as I try to enter Rails ninjahood.  I got a PRO subscription this year to thank him for his hard work and I suggest you do the same.
  • Scott Berkun – Scott is a former Microsoft guy who has authored some great books.  He has great blog posts worth throwing into your RSS.  He spent the last year as a manager at WordPress.com and is currently writing a book about his experience there.
  • SugarRae.com – One of the top affiliate marketing personalities out there, she has an incredible story and a great blog.
  • Avinash Kausick – This really should be at the top of the list.  Avinash is the Google Analytics Evangelist and former BI head at Intuit.  I met him at Mozcon 2011 and he has to be one best presenters I’ve seen, let alone the most entertaining.  He heightened my passion of analytics considerably.
  • Peepcode.com – Geoffrey is a Seattle/UW guy like myself and has created an incredible company creating top notch screencasts.
  • StackOverflow.com – StackOverflow in my mind epitomizes what is awesome about being a developer: a community completely dedicated to helping others in the field and helping people learn.  Nobody cares who you work for or whether you are a competitor.  I’m astonished at the amount of time people spend on there helping others; I’ve seen answers that must have taken hours to write.

There are others like Signal vs. Noise but the above are the ones that I get me excited when I see them popup in my RSS feed.

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