The Secrets of Steve Jobs

This is such a great article I don’t want to say too much about it, but I do want to expand and comment on just a couple things.  I’m no Apple/Steve Jobs fanboy, but I have long used their products because they just work and I admire their ability to deliver clean solutions, whether it be their website or UI interfaces (except iTunes).

I want to add to the Minimalism bullet point a bit.  I think another thing to expand on this, and maybe this is inline with Jobs thinking as well, is that the more complicated you make something the more things can break and the longer it takes to develop.  I find with my own projects, especially when time is limiting, that it’s so easy to get caught up in the “wouldn’t it be cool to do 1) this 2) this, and 3) this” when in reality you just need to do “1)” , make it rock, and get it done.  Sometimes projects get too big for their own good, too much time spent planning and day dreaming, when in reality you need to trim things done to the most essential functions to get them done, see if they work as intended, and then progressively enhance them to make them better based on feedback from users and clients.  Excuse the baseball metaphor but you don’t have swing for the fence every at bat to win a game.

Lastly, I have some awesome friends, most are very successful, and we often share experiences and ideas.  I asked one friend who is a PM what his recipes are for success, and one really caught my attention: Make sure everything you touch kicks ass.  One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten and I think sums up a lot of what that article and what Steve Jobs mantra is.  Ironically, my friend works at Microsoft.

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