Recent Work for 2012

PublicRecords.org – As lead developer I was largely responsible for managing the codebase, front-end Javascript and a lot of backend magic.  We are releasing a new design and a lot of features in early Jan. 2013 that I’m pretty excited about.

CascadeClimbers.com – In November we rolled out a new design that was long time in the making.  The design is responsive in the WordPress portion of the site.  Previously we were split between ModX and WordPress, so a lot of work involve migrating content from the two installations into one, making sure that our high traffic organic search traffic was hitting their destinations through proper redirects.  I also rolled out a feature that is in beta that allows table and geospatial search of trip reports.

CascadeOutside.com – This project was driven partially out of experimentation and mostly out of frustration.  I was playing with jQuery Datatables and thought it was a great interface for doing price comparisons.  I’ve long been trying to figure out what the most effective way of displaying a large number of prices from retailers with as little logic as possible to properly associate product names.  I switched out MySQL for Solr and Node so it uber fast.  I forked Datatables and along with Zurb Foundation and their Responsive Table plugin made it completely responsive.  I’m planning on A/B testing different mobile table interfaces after seeing a post about responsive tables on CSStricks.com.  The Node/Solr code along with the Responsive Table plugins will be available on github shortly after I have a chance to clean them up.

Skunkworks – Shhh!


“I want you to know it has been great working with someone of your caliber.”  Mickey Blake, Owner, Scientific Storage Solutions & Mt. Baker Bio

“I am starting to appreciate your expertise and efforts to get me to improve the site.”  Jim Nelson, Owner, ProMountainSports.com

Praise for Cascadeclimbers.com

“Probably the most important development in PNW climbing since the formation of the Mountaineers.” Harry Majors, Climbing Historian

“Thanks you guys so much for the effort and work you put into the forum. I can honestly say that cascadeclimbers has had a profound impact on my climbing, and I wouldn’t be where i’m at today without this great resource.” Prominent local climber

“I can’t imagine life without all that Cascade Climbers provides us!” Long-time contributor

“i’m a better climber because of this site. and I’ve made lots of friends, too. it kind of feels like a family.” Long-time contributor