I join the blogosphere.

Well I just finished my new personal website and I’m really excited.  How is it that I have been envolved in the web for so long and not had a blog?  Well I guess at the time I didn’t have anything really important to share.  Now I do.  I really look forward to using this to start giving back to the web development community.  I’ve gained so much knowledge and saved so many hundreds of hours worth of time with info posted on developers blogs or on Stack Overflow.  Now it’s time to really give back.  I have some great posts coming up on Magento, like when maybe it’s not the best solution, problems I’ve run across and how to fix them, quick ways of allowing your clients to upload stock levels, and best practices for doing bulk uploads of products.  Also, a beginners tutorial for setting up Solr for faster search, how to import your data from a MySQL database, and how to use PHP librarys to easily query that data for various webservices.  Lastly, or maybe firstly, some of the tools that I find useful in my work and why I think they are crucial to keep entropy low.  I work a full-time job, do consulting on the side, run a successful web community, and have a lot of fun.  These tools help keep all the balls in the air.  Can’t wait to share!

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