Google Analytics – Advanced Segments Tip #1

Ok quick lunch break post images to follow…..

Avinash’s talk at MozCon started me thinking of new ways to use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to looking at different demographics of users and how they were interacting, or not interacting with a site I work on.

The pages I was working with were product landing pages.  The bounce rate and time on site for these pages were very high.  Before embarking on the process of fixing these pages I wanted to understand a bit more about what these people were looking for.

Doing keyword research visitors broke down in two types of categories; those looking for reviews and those looking to possibly purchase.  Since every search was product specific they new about the product and it matter of gathering purchasing info or were ready to make a purchase.

These pages could have multiple outcomes, so let’s just pick one that deals with bounce rate.  One outcome for these pages is that they would land on it, see what they liked, clicked the call of action that took them to an external page (this is an affiliate page).  Could they do this in under 10 seconds?  Count out ten seconds, it’s actually a long time in short attention spanned internet world.

I have a friend Andrew and he is a great multitasker and his brain goes a mile a seconds.  People like Andrew would spend about 3 seconds on a good landing page and convert.  Were these people a lot of Andrew’s?  If they are using the word review they clearly understand the interwebs.  Let’s find out.

First I made sure I have click tracking enabled on all the call to action buttons on the page.  Check.

Next, let’s create some custom segments.  In GA you can look at visitor loyalty by going to Visitors->Visitor Loyalty->Length of Visit.  This is great info, but to use it in a meaningful manner let’s do something awesome and create advanced segments that replicate the visitor lengths they describe.  Let’s also make a second set, exactly the same, but also including the click tracker for our call to actions.  So we can measure total visits per segment and those that convert.

From there we can go into Traffic->Sources->Keywords, drill down by the keyword “review” and apply the advanced segments.  What I found on these particular pages was that virtually nobody was converting in the 0-10 second range.  Now you could say “well that is pretty obvious”, but you can’t just assume that a short visit is a bounce, especially when you are optimizing a page where there is a clear call to action that you desperately want someone to engage in.  The thing was the 11-30 second range wasn’t much better.  These users are taking the time to read the page but don’t like what they see for some reason and are not converting, whether it be lack of trust or no clear call to action.

More on this later…

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