Don’t reward the content theif

I’ve noticed a growing trend of “IT professionals/consultants/bloggers” who are stealing content from what are often reputable authors.  I first noticed this trying to find information about Solr/Jetty configuration.  On any site you go these days where articles or blog posts allow comments you see people who’s only motivation is obviously promoting their own site, but do so in such a way where they aren’t blacklisted.  For the hell of it I decided to check out one of these guys sites to find quite a bit of information, but one thing really stood out.  How do I put this the most politically correct?  There was an evident level of disparity in the english language usage between blog posts and articles.  A quick Google search revealed my suspicion; the content was stolen.

I felt like posting about this because when people surf or comment on sites that engage in this behavior you are just supporting them, as they usually have adsense or some other form of advertising.  This guy as I remember actually had a fairly reputable agency running ads on his site.  Makes me sick.   If you are reading a site where the content looks suspicious, do all authors a favor and do a quick search, and even report it to the original author.

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