Consulting Services

The web has changed tremendously the last couple years and I offer services reflect that.  Site designs that just a few years ago would have been considered “decent” now look neglected and outdated.  Web consumers are becoming more savvy and feel unsafe on sites that look outdated.  In addition to a well thoughtout website, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a large part of being successful online.  Threats to software evolve quickly and solutions need to be agile in their ability to be updated without creating large disturbances and additional costs.  Below are the services I provide.

Website and Blog Development

For a business lacking a web presence a simple page or two go a long way.  Consumers expect that a business has a webpage detailing things like brands carried, services rendered, hours and directions.  I set you up with a domain and a great reliable webhost.  Together we design a website that looks great, provides the function you need, and most important you can easily update youself.

For businesses with an existing web presence we outline goals to improve your web design, content, and interaction with your visitors.  We work on ways to keep your customers engaged in your business and walking in your door, buying online, or talking about your products.  Whether it’s a simple template update or complete overhaul we work together on doing what is best for you and your business.


For merchants looking at getting into eCommerce I offer services that fit with your business.  I use the Magento eCommerce package, which is one of the hottest online store packages available.  It offers full customization and a intuitive backend for managing your products, stock, clients, and shipments.

Google Services

Google is with a doubt the biggest force in the internet and how you utilize their services can literally make or break your web presence.  I’m a certified Google Analytics professional and can help you use these services to improve your web presence and

  • Google Webmaster Services – I help Google understand your website using their package of webmaster services.
  • Google Analytics Services – Google offers a top of it’s class online tool that let’s you dissect and analyze every aspect of your web traffic.  This is usually the first thing I do when I work with a client, to understand their current web presence so we can create goals to improve on.  I am a certified Analytics professional.
  • Google Merchant Services – Google offers a number of services to help people find your business, whether it’s on a map, in their merchant directory, or utilizing their affiliate marketing tools.
  • Google Adsense Services – How Google makes 95% of their money.  Incredible tools for reaching your clients with highly customizable and trackable ad campaigns for any budget.  I offer novel ideas for clients on a budget to reach their customers

Online Tools

I offer solutions for clients to help streamline and lower cost of ownership for software by shifting those to online services.  Available anywhere and constantly being improved in a highly competitive arena, online services are the way to lower the level of disorder in your business.


With the advent of social networking, affiliate programs, and Adsense, online marketing has changed dramatically.  We use these new technologies to attract new customers along with time tested methods like email marketing to continue to reach out to old and existing customers.  All of this is done with reliable metrics in place to measure effectiveness and ROI.  I can help you grow your organic base of customers after we have made improved your web presence.  Hence why it is at the bottom of this page.