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Google Analytics – Advanced Segments Tip #1

Ok quick lunch break post images to follow….. Avinash’s talk at MozCon started me thinking of new ways to use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to looking at different demographics of users and how they were interacting, or not interacting with a site I work on. The pages I was working with were product landing [...]
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MozCon 2011 Notes

MozCon 2011 in Seattle was so awesome I have to talk about it.  Met tons of cool people there and there were some excellent presentations.  The food was great too!  So I’m going to post a quick impression/takeaway for each talk. Joanna from SeoMoz – Retargeting Retargeting is the next big thing in online advertising. [...]
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Page loading speed and SEO

There is a lot of SEO magic tricks available out there.  Some really meaningful ones and a lot of black magic ones that are never a good idea.  SEO Doctor firefox plugin is a great one to help identify SEO changes you can make on your pages.  I highly suggest reading the Googles whitepaper on [...]
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