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Who I follow and sites I frequent

Moving into 2013 I wanted to share who in 2012 I’ve been following and what sites have been huge in my development as a web person.  No particular order in these. and Chris Coyier – Chris has so much awesome info on his site it’s one of my go to places for a frontend [...]
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Don’t reward the content theif

I’ve noticed a growing trend of “IT professionals/consultants/bloggers” who are stealing content from what are often reputable authors.  I first noticed this trying to find information about Solr/Jetty configuration.  On any site you go these days where articles or blog posts allow comments you see people who’s only motivation is obviously promoting their own site, [...]
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The Secrets of Steve Jobs

This is such a great article I don’t want to say too much about it, but I do want to expand and comment on just a couple things.  I’m no Apple/Steve Jobs fanboy, but I have long used their products because they just work and I admire their ability to deliver clean solutions, whether it [...]
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