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Screen scraping with PHP

This is going to be a quick post on some screen scraping techniques in PHP.  I don’t endorse scraping and the content I was scraping I did so with permission because an API was not available. Some of your options are the following. Pure RegEx pain and glory The SimpleHTMLDOM PHP library libxml phpQuery There [...]
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Importing a MySQL database into Apache Solr Part I

This is a tutorial for getting started with Apache Solr enterprise search with PHP and MySQL on Unix/Linux or Mac OS X.  Most of the information I have found is rather incomplete or full of erros so I wanted to share how I have successfully used Solr in a number of different applications.  I’m going [...]
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Magento Layered Navigation Problems Solved

If you run into a Layered Navigation error in Magento where in your product views there is either a) no filtered navigation or b) doesn’t seem accurate, here is a pretty good fix.  I don’t believe that this is a problem after 1.4 but I could be wrong.
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