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Who I follow and sites I frequent

Moving into 2013 I wanted to share who in 2012 I’ve been following and what sites have been huge in my development as a web person.  No particular order in these. and Chris Coyier – Chris has so much awesome info on his site it’s one of my go to places for a frontend [...]
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Google Analytics – Advanced Segments Tip #1

Ok quick lunch break post images to follow….. Avinash’s talk at MozCon started me thinking of new ways to use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to looking at different demographics of users and how they were interacting, or not interacting with a site I work on. The pages I was working with were product landing [...]
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MozCon 2011 Notes

MozCon 2011 in Seattle was so awesome I have to talk about it.  Met tons of cool people there and there were some excellent presentations.  The food was great too!  So I’m going to post a quick impression/takeaway for each talk. Joanna from SeoMoz – Retargeting Retargeting is the next big thing in online advertising. [...]
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Screen scraping with PHP

This is going to be a quick post on some screen scraping techniques in PHP.  I don’t endorse scraping and the content I was scraping I did so with permission because an API was not available. Some of your options are the following. Pure RegEx pain and glory The SimpleHTMLDOM PHP library libxml phpQuery There [...]
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Importing a MySQL database into Apache Solr Part I

This is a tutorial for getting started with Apache Solr enterprise search with PHP and MySQL on Unix/Linux or Mac OS X.  Most of the information I have found is rather incomplete or full of erros so I wanted to share how I have successfully used Solr in a number of different applications.  I’m going [...]
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MacBook Pro Keyboard Intermittent Problems Solution

The older non-unibody MacBook Pro is a solid computer for a mobile warrior.  Over several years of use though many users have started experiencing an annoying problem where their macbook pro keyboard and trackpad experience intermittent problems where they stop responding.  This problem typically starts with a few seconds of non-responsiveness, but will grow over [...]
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Page loading speed and SEO

There is a lot of SEO magic tricks available out there.  Some really meaningful ones and a lot of black magic ones that are never a good idea.  SEO Doctor firefox plugin is a great one to help identify SEO changes you can make on your pages.  I highly suggest reading the Googles whitepaper on [...]
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Don’t reward the content theif

I’ve noticed a growing trend of “IT professionals/consultants/bloggers” who are stealing content from what are often reputable authors.  I first noticed this trying to find information about Solr/Jetty configuration.  On any site you go these days where articles or blog posts allow comments you see people who’s only motivation is obviously promoting their own site, [...]
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Magento Layered Navigation Problems Solved

If you run into a Layered Navigation error in Magento where in your product views there is either a) no filtered navigation or b) doesn’t seem accurate, here is a pretty good fix.  I don’t believe that this is a problem after 1.4 but I could be wrong.
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