About Entropy

The word entropy probably brings back memory of high school chemistry class, and it’s one of those things that most people probably really didn’t understand fully but effects your every day life.  Entropy is….

  1. the measure of a disorder of a system.
  2. the amount of energy in a system unavailable for work.

Entropy is the enemy of any business, but especially a small business.  Responsibilities are shared across fewer people.  The ability to focus on any task is overshadowed by the 100 other tasks that need to be completed as well.  One person wears many many hats.  An out sick or distracted employee increases the load on everyone to a breaking point.  When email or site goes down the damages can be enormous.  The point of my work is to lower your business entropy by optimizing the technologies you use.  Identify the things that can be controlled and control them so when the uncontrolled happens whether it’s sickness, weather, employee quits, whatever… that the amount of energy available for work is at it’s maximum.  The goal of my work is to create technology solutions that allow you to manage your business in a more efficient way, lowering your entropy.

About Jon

My name is Jon Ryan and I am Entropy Technical Consulting.  It could be said I’m kind of a nerd by design.  I started writing code in my early teens.  I knew “everything” about airplanes and the Space Shuttle.  I love gadgets and figuring out how they work; VCRs, bikes, toys, probably to my parents dismay.  My friends called me “Technical Jon” in elementary school, but I enjoyed more then the computer and was a standout athlete, student, and volunteer.  In college I decided to study medicine and go into cancer research, which I spent over a decade doing working on lymphoma.  It was an exciting time to be in science with the advent of high-throughput data generation.  I always found myself gravitating to the computer though because an increasing part of my work and daily life were spent in front of a keyboard.  For the last decade I’ve run one of the most popular regional outdoor websites… anywhere.  Through this experience I have a have an incredible grasp on how technologies change, how to interact with web visitors, and manage a high volume website.  Website development and business consulting provides me with a lot of things that are missing in science; expressing creativity, developing real collaborations, being able to find answers fast.  It’s an exciting time to be involved in the web and I look forward to making you part of it.